Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Local gets national love

The May issue of Country Living magazine echoes what we already knew: Tait Farm carries the best locally made products in the region.

A one-page spread asks Liz Thorpe of the famed Murray's Cheese in NYC to recommend some artisanal cheddars handcrafted in America. Among her picks is Goot Essa's Mountain Valley Sharp Cheddar, aged for at least three years. And Tait Farm Foods is listed as the source.  

Goot Essa (German for "good food" or "good eating") is a group of Amish dairy farmers in Howard, Pennsylvania who have been turning their milk into high-quality cheese since 2001. While the rest of the country orders online, we'll turn down 322 for this block of creamy goodness. 

The remnants of my own purchase, which I paired with some dried figs for today's afternoon snack, can currently be found on a Spiderman napkin on my desk. 


  1. Yum! And I used to buy Tait Farm sauces and jams at Whole Foods when we lived in DC. I particularly love their "shrubs" drinks!

  2. where exactly can we find this in state college? does the farm have a shop on its property?

  3. Tait Farm has a Harvest Shop (they have all sorts of wonderful items) on its can visit this link for more information: I have also seen their products around town at The Granary and Nature's Pantry among other places.

  4. From the Valley next to Happy Valley, may I also recommend Spring Bank Acres for some great dairy products. For more information, check out