Thursday, February 26, 2009

Welcome Homegrown

Like many ideas, this one grew from personal experience.
When I moved to State College two years ago, I set out to find the businesses that would turn this community into a place I could call home. I chose a coffee shop that doubled as my new and used book supplier. I met a farmer, joined a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program and turned my husband into a kale eater. And I found a baker whose cupcakes and chocolate mousse cake are more than worth the drive to her house. My quest for quality took me to independent, locally owned businesses from Bellefonte to Boalsburg and Millheim to Port Matilda. 
Now, along with a few other community-minded women, I'm trying to turn my passion for all things local into something bigger. Our goal: to promote local businesses and entrepreneurs. To safeguard the character and charm of this community, while maintaining a strong local economy and encouraging the growth of local business. 
How will we do that? To be honest, we're still working out the details. But we envision events and initiatives that increase awareness for consumers, elementary school students, and parents. Imagine a monthly Eat Local Night in which all area restaurants feature menus with local ingredients. Or a fundraiser at one of the region's amazing farms in which a local chef cooks a candlelight dinner prepared from ingredients plucked from Centre County soil.
In the meantime, we're launching this blog to build some momentum. Click back here for updates on our initiative, as well as articles on businesses and products in our own backyard.