Friday, March 20, 2009

Dunkin' Donuts Invasion

Does downtown really need another Dunkin' Donuts? Here are 5 local alternatives for breakfast food:

* The Cheese Shoppe and Webster's: I dare you to find better beans. If you can't afford coffee out, just walk by the Cheese Shoppe and inhale--you're guaranteed to feel better. At Webster's, pair a cup of the Three Eyed Buddha with a vanilla scone and prepare for culinary zen.

* The Diner: If you really want to OD on empty carbs rolled in sugar, pick up a package of Stickies. Bonus points if you grill them in butter.

* Waffle Shop: You gotta love a restaurant that serves up two pancakes as a side dish.

* Irving's: The egg sandwich on an energy bagel is the cheapest and healthiest way to feed a toddler--or cure a hangover.

* The farmer's market. Coming soon--although you'd never know it by the snow falling in Happy Valley--it's like a picnic prepared by your favorite farmers. Honey scones, whoopie pies, homemade doughnuts--all served with the satisfaction that comes from supporting your community.

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